Harry Urban

You have Dementria, probably Alzheimer”s Here is your prescription, have a good day and I will see you in six months. I leave his office thinking my world just ended. I had no idea what to do or what to expect. I was scared of the future and needed help. Nine years ago there was not much help or information available because I looked all over the internet for information and only found information that scared me beyond my Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

I tried several support groups but none suited what I was looking for. I needed hugs and love but I also wanted to know what I could do to help myself. I realized that the day I was diagnosed was the day my old life ended, and my new life began. I knew this new life was going to be different than my old life, but I am a lot smarter now than when I was first born and I can be successful in my new life.

I knew there were so many more living with this disease and looking for the same type of help I was looking for so I founded a Dementia support /awareness group called Forget Me Not. I wanted this group to give support but also raise awareness about this disease. Over the years I lived through the peaks and valleys that everyone living with Dementia goes through, and wanted to share my stories. I share my stories, both good and bad, but also try to give the message of hope.

So many think their life ended but don’t realize the bright future that may lay before them. It is true I lost most of my old skills but I can not dwell on the things I lost but rather concentrate on the things I can still do. After living with my Dementia for over nine years, my life is rich because I never gave up. I don’t believe in giving up.

I want to talk about Dementia and break down the many myths and stigmas associated with my disease. I don’t have rose colored glasses on, I know there is no cure and I have a fatal disease, but that will not stop me from raising awareness about Dementia. I will not let this disease make me a victim until my mind and soul allows it.

I carry my dream of a World without Dementia with me all the time. Will I see a cure in my lifetime, probably not BUT I will see a better quality of life for everyone living with this disease. I will see Dementia friendly cities being built and I will no longer see my friends and relatives abandoning me because they do not under Dementia. A cure may not be found in my lifetime but a better way of life can happen now. Help me make this happen, raise awareness.